Side projects

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Twilight Sunset

A personal app I made for iOS that checks first & last light. “Civil twilight” is also useful for flying drones—my original inspiration for the app.

Bloom system

Bloom System

Bloom System is my ongoing project; prototyping ideas for new desktop paradigms, and teaching myself more about system programming.

I started this project in college, writing a script to build Ubuntu using OSTree. The icons are used from elementary OS & GNOME Project under the terms of the GPLv3 License.

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With Eduardo Pratti, we made an hour logging app for Android circa 2019.

It was based around my experience as a part-time software developer, & needing to manually submit invoices for my hours. Eduardo wrote a case study detailing our design process.

Pumpkin carving widget

Pumpkin carving

With Natasha Tenggoro, for FigJam’s “Jam-o-ween!”, I designed a widget that lets you carve pumpkins with your teammates.

This was my first time doing design in a skeuomorphic style.

“Performance Analysis of WebAssembly and JavaScript Engines for Common Geospatial Algorithms”