Hello — I'm Michael.

Based in Washington D.C.🇺🇸last updated 9.16.21
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I'm a software developer who's passionate about product design. I work on things mostly out of excitement and curiosity. Looking to make a positive impact in the world through computing.

I currently work on Mapbox Studio. Before that I worked at DJI, focused on NA Public Safety and Web Services. I also have a few apps on TestFlight I create for myself and friends.

Feel free to look around! The best place to reach me is at hello@bullington.xyz.


I try to write about things that are interesting to me. This may include personal projects, technology, living in DC; etc. I may also review books and games! I hope this is interesting to you, too.



This site was built using Eleventy and React (server side only). The website is mostly static and should load rather quickly.

My website is deployed on IPFS where the content is pinned on my local server (whom I've named r2d2). For the majority of users, this is then accessed through the Cloudflare IPFS Gateway. This website also is accessible through my Handshake domain, you can try it by going to mbullington.hns.to/.

My images and writing are All rights reserved. The code for my site is licensed MIT, and available on GitHub.