Hello — I'm Michael.

B. 1999🇺🇸PSU '21🎓last updated 1.23.21

I'm a multidisciplinary software developer with over 5 years of part-time industry experience. I'm a developing designer and aspiring product manager. Presently, I'm focused on finishing my undergraduate degree.

Most recently, I worked at DJI as a Product Manager and Front-End Web Developer focusing on NA Public Safety. Areas of expertise include client-side JavaScript, web mapping technologies like Mapbox, and Flutter. On this site, you'll find projects I've worked on both professionally and independently.

I am currently seeking a career post-graduation (May 2021) and would love to talk about roles and fit. To work with me, please reach out at hello@bullington.xyz.


DJI Airworks

Side Projects


As part of the HackPSU Tech Team, currently working with Rahul Ramkumar and many others on HackPSU's mobile app.

HackPSU is a bi-yearly hackathon organized by students at Penn State University. In Nov 2019 HackPSU saw nearly 900 attendees. HackPSU is an official MLH hackathon.

I designed our app and kickstarted development, helping to mentor other students in JavaScript, React Native, and good software practices. All HackPSU development is open-source.

Check out my other GitHub projects! I’ve been an open-source contributor since 2014.


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