Hello — I'm Michael.

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I'm a multidisciplinary software developer with over 5 years of part-time industry experience. I'm a developing designer and aspiring product manager. Presently, I'm focused on finishing my undergraduate degree.

Most recently, I worked at DJI as a Product Manager and Front-End Web Developer focusing on NA Public Safety. Areas of expertise include client-side JavaScript, web mapping technologies like Mapbox, and Flutter. On this site, you'll find projects I've worked on both professionally and independently.

I am currently seeking a career post-graduation (May 2021) and would love to talk about roles and fit. To work with me, please reach out at hello@bullington.xyz.


DJI Airworks
May 2019 — Jan 2021
DJI Research LLC.

I worked at DJI Research both full-time and during college as a Front-End Web Engineering Intern. Along with this role, I also held project-specific titles of Product Manager, Compliance Lead, and Interim Tech Lead.

Starting in Q4 2020 my full-time role was Product Manager focusing on Public Safety for the US/Canada under DJI FlySafe. The role included planning roadmap/releases for our 4-person team and maintaining relationships with stakeholders. In place of a dedicated product designer, I performed the role as PM and created high-fidelity designs for all application flows using Sketch.

As Compliance Lead, I initiated compliance with the NIST 800-53 r4 framework. This included authoring over 70 controls, creating a proposal to stakeholders, and helping the Tech Lead create compliant solutions.

As Interim Tech Lead from Q2 2019 to Q2 2020, I led front-end development for DJI's FAA LAANC service. This included collaborating in-person with technical expertise from Palo Alto and Shenzhen to build a complex web mapping product. The project required strict adherance to FAA advisory rule sets.

I was a foundational member for how the Palo Alto office (“USPA) writes JavaScript. I created and open-sourced dji-dev/us-web and contributed to Turf.js representing DJI. Additionally, I worked on multiple projects such as DJI AirWorks.

May 2018 — May 2019
Wolfram Research Inc.

I worked as a summer intern on the Wolfram Cloud team, which continued part-time during college to Q2 2019.

My main project was overhauling the typesetting engine to improve aesthetic and accuracy. The new” look was inspired by metrics from LaTeX and Wolfram Player for iOS. I wrote about algorithms I developed in Modernizing Math Typesetting with SVG.

I also created a clean-room implementation of DynamicGeoGraphics on the web using Leaflet. DynamicGeoGraphics is a data-driven component which supports arbitrary polygons, geographic projections, and markers” that interact with the DOM.

April 2015 — May 2018
DGLogik Inc.

I started work part-time at DGLogik as an IoT Software Engineer and continued throughout high school and early college. During my time at DGLogik, I worked on specialized IoT solutions for customers like Cisco, IBM, and Apple.

I was a core member of the IOT-DSA protocol created by Rick Zhou. For DSA, I developed the initial JavaScript SDK and additional IoT bridges for industry and consumer products. Eventually, I created the infrastructure to run our flagship Dart SDK from Node.js.

In 2016 DGLogik Inc. was acquired by Acuity Brands, where I was re-hired as a part-time Software Engineer.

In this time, I made significant contributions to DGLux5, a low-code environment for creating IoT dashboards. Owned” features for web include technologies such as Mapbox, D3, and THREE.js. Most of these features were created for Atrius Insights.

Side Projects


As part of the HackPSU Tech Team, currently working with Rahul Ramkumar and many others on HackPSU's mobile app.

HackPSU is a bi-yearly hackathon organized by students at Penn State University. In Nov 2019 HackPSU saw nearly 900 attendees. HackPSU is an official MLH hackathon.

I designed our app and kickstarted development, helping to mentor other students in JavaScript, React Native, and good software practices. All HackPSU development is open-source.

Check out my other GitHub projects! I’ve been an open-source contributor since 2014.


This site was built using Eleventy and React (server side only). My images and writing are All rights reserved. The code for my site is licensed MIT, and available on GitHub.

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