Hello — I'm Michael.

B. 1999🇺🇸PSU '21🎓last updated 7.12.21

I'm a software developer who's passionate about building user interfaces. I currently work on Mapbox Studio. Most recently, I worked at DJI focusing on NA Public Safety and Web Services.

Areas of expertise include web mapping technologies like Mapbox, client-side JavaScript, and Flutter. On this site, you'll find projects I've worked on both professionally and independently. I live in Washington, D.C.

Feel free to look around the site! If you have any inquiries, please reach out at hello@bullington.xyz.


DJI Airworks
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Side Projects


As part of the HackPSU Tech Team, currently working with Rahul Ramkumar and many others on HackPSU's mobile app.

HackPSU is a bi-yearly hackathon organized by students at Penn State University. In Nov 2019 HackPSU saw nearly 900 attendees. HackPSU is an official MLH hackathon.

I designed our app and kickstarted development, helping to mentor other students in JavaScript, React Native, and good software practices. All HackPSU development is open-source.

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This site was built using Eleventy and React (server side only). My images and writing are All rights reserved. The code for my site is licensed MIT, and available on GitHub.